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Immunopath Diagnostics Laboratory is a full clinical and pathology laboratory with an inherently flexible approach and a focus on precision to keep our clients satisfied with services beyond simple test reporting. We value our patients, partners and community at large, whome we provide a wide range of accessible laboratory services.

Our exceptional services are used by healthcare professionals to accurately assess individual patient needs and identify effective treatments.

For those professionals who wish to join us in providing great and accurate health services, coverage is just a click away through this website.



Business Hours

Our core laboratory operates 12 hours a day seven days a week and offers a broad menu of routine testing as well as numerous test reporting options. It begins operations from 8AM to 8PM everyday.


Quick Turn-Around Time

We keep our turn-around time as short as possible and always put our core duties, diagonostics services, first to make sure patients are well cared for as quickly and efficiently as possible. We deliver in time and accurately!


Why us?

The organization sets itself apart due to its single focus on accurate diagnostics lab services.  Immunopath is defining the industry standard by continually developing customer-centric processes and services. Through this mission, we adhere to professional laboratory services and continually offer the best services you can find in Harare.


From all over Harare and many other surrounding areas, patients and professionals come for our reputable services. We are found at No. 16 Josiah Tongogara Avenue, corner Blackston Avenue in Harare. Contact us or view an interactive map of our location.

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